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Rotary Tables

Motion Index Drives provides programmable and fixed Index Rotary Tables catering to every application. These low profile products are designed for long services lives, featuring hardened cams and cam followers, internal components submerged in an oil bath, and heavy-duty bearings.  


TMF is a Rotary Indexer featuring a programmable constant lead barrel cam for infinite positioning. It contains output flange diameters from 560mm-2300mm and center thru-hole diameters range from 190mm-1520mm. [View Catalog]


RT is a Rotary Indexer with the option of a programmable cam or a fixed position cam. Output flange diameters range from 120mm-1400mm. Thru-hole diameters range from 20H8mm-400H8mm. [View Catalog]


TT is a Rotary Indexer with the option of a programmable cam or a fixed position cam. Output flange diameters range from 90mm-360mm. Thru-hole diameters range from 9.8mm-90mm. [View Catalog]


Ring Index Drives (TSR)

Ring Index Drives come with a programmable or a fixed barrel cam. These units are low profile and feature a large open center to allow access for tooling. Load capacities are not as high as products in the rotary table family. [View Catalog]


Parallel Index Drives

Parallel Index Drives use flat cam technology to take uniform input from a motor and produce intermittent output. The number of stops can range from 1 to 12.


XP and TP parallel drives share similar capabilities but vary in frame size. [View Catalog]


TP and XP parallel drives share similar capabilities but vary in frame size. [View Catalog]

Right Angle Index Drives (TG)

Right Angle Index Drives receive uniform input and produce intermittent output at a right angle. These indexers can operate at speeds of 1,000 indexes per minute. [View Catalog]


Precision Link Conveyors

Precision Link Conveyors are driven by standard indexers with either fixed or programmable cams. This product converts the rotary motion of the indexer into linear motion with high repeatability, which is ideal for precise packaging and assembly.


LF conveyors come in pre-engineered sizes while the LFS is a completely custom solution. Both of these options use aluminum links guided by cam followers. [View Catalog]


LZ conveyors are similar to the LF and LFS but utilize a belt for mechanical drive rather than aluminum links. [View Catalog]


Pick and Place Units/Lift and Carry Systems

Motion Index Drives provides custom Pick and Place and Lift and Carry systems. They achieve the motion through various cam technologies. [View Catalog]


Flexible Positioning Systems

These systems were primarily developed for weld positioning. These systems can be single axis trunnions or 3-axis systems.


The TR series is a single axis trunnion system with a small footprint. Standard and custom frames are available. [View Catalog]


The DR-TR series is a 3-axis system with 2 trunnion systems mounted on a rotary table. These systems use programmable indexers, allowing for great flexibility. [View Catalog]


Additional Products and Services

Motion Index Drives provides many products meant to help reduce the customer’s Bill of Material. Most applications require dial plates, machine bases, or tooling frames. Motion Index Drives is aware of this and wants to help ease the burden on their customers.

  • Trunnion Solutions

  • Tooling Frames

  • Dial Plates

  • Machine Bases

  • TripleDex Indexer

  • Accessories 

  • Services

  • Nano Indexer Technology

  • Clean Room Solutions


We help our customers find and implement the right mechatronic resources for their industrial applications.


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