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Martin Industrial Technology is an industrial sales and service organization.

We specialize in mechatronic devices and systems for industrial applications.  


Our objective is to earn business by being organized and clever in how we solve problems. We gain our customers' confidence through our unparalleled attention to detail and innovative approach to sales and engineering.

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Meet the Team

Our Approach

No problem has a one-size-fits-all solution.


We will work together to understand your unique project needs and provide automation solutions to accomplish your key objectives. The following process is what you can expect in working with us.


Gather Information

Our first objective is to develop a clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish.  We will start by gathering the data needed to encompass the full scope of the project, from both engineering and sales perspectives.

Present Solution

After we collect all necessary data, we will propose one or several solutions that best fit your specifications, parameters, and budgetary needs. Each solution we present will contain specifications we will compare against application data.


Upon selecting the preferred solution, we will create a Quote Package for your review. It will include a full bill of material, engineering data, and product information. We will gather your feedback on this Quote Package and make revisions as necessary.


Once your order is acknowledged, we will store all engineering and sales documentation so it can be referenced as needed over the course of the project.


Our team will remain involved throughout the project to ensure the solution is received, integrated, commissioned, and successfully implemented and maintained.

Our Partners

We collaborate with industry-leading automation suppliers to make sure you get the best quality products and services.

Our team is always looking for synergistic product lines and additional partners to enhance our portfolio of products and services. Contact us if you are looking for a successful sales organization to help grow your company.

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Need to automate? Let's chat.

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