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Linear Line

ROLLON by Timken’s linear line has a wide variety of guides designed to handle the unique demands of various industries. This product line encompasses high-precision profiled rail (also known as linear bearings), medium-precision guides that can handle misalignment, and guides performing in food-grade to welding environments. 


Compact Rail 

Compact Rails are great for most automation projects. They perform in misalignment situations while providing repeatability of +/- 50 microns. They are also well-suited to dirty environments and vertical applications. [View Catalog]


Mono Rail +

ROLLON’s Mono Rail + provides high precision and high load capacities. This technology is the most used linear guide across all industry sectors. [View Catalog]



The X-Rail is a light-duty linear guide with misalignment capabilities and stainless-steel options. It is regularly used in the food industry. [View Catalog]


Speedy Rail

The Speedy Rail is an aluminum rail with polymer-coated bearings. It is great for dirty applications. Because slag won’t stick to this rail, it is often used in welding environments. [View Catalog]


Prismatic Rail

The Prismatic Rail is a great guide for harsh industrial environments. It can handle heavy loads, sheds contaminants, and misalignment. [View Catalog]



The Curviline is a curved rail that is bent to fit any custom application. Stainless options are available. [View Catalog]



The Easyslide is a low profile guide meant to handle heavy loads in constrained spaces. [View Catalog]


Telescopic Line

ROLLON by Timken is the market leader in heavy-duty telescopic slides. ROLLON slides are robust while maintaining precision. They can handle the abusive life of reusable packaging automation with the accuracy needed for robotic interaction. ROLLON has a telescopic slide for all applications.


Telescopic Rail

The Telescopic Rail is ROLLON’s premier line of telescopic slides. These slides are robust and repeatable. [View Catalog]



These slides use rollers instead of ball bearings, making them ideal for higher speeds, vertical applications, and dirty environments. [View Catalog]

Light Rail

This is ROLLON’s light-duty line. It is great for manual intermittent use, light-duty cycles, and light loads. [View Catalog]


Hegra Rail

These rails can extend up to 200% of the closed length. Options include stainless steel components and/or ceramic ball bearings. [View Catalog]

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Actuator Line

ROLLON actuators come with a robust extrusion frame, mechanical drive, and a guidance system. ROLLON uses three types of mechanical drive: ball screw, belt, and rack & pinion. From abusive and dirty environments to clean room requirements, ROLLON has the actuator for the application. ROLLON uses standard actuators to produce custom multi-axis/cartesian robots for applications like pick and place or material handling, gluing, and packaging.

Plus Series

The Plus Series contains fully enclosed belt driven units ideal for dirty environments, washdown procedures, and pseudo clean room applications. [View Catalog]

Smart Series

The Smart Series is an economical version of the Plus Series. These actuators perform similarly to the Plus Series but do not provide the same environmental protections. [View Catalog]

Precision Series

The Precision Series contains high precision, highly repeatable ball screw driven actuators. This product line can perform in a variety of environments.  [View Catalog]

Clean Room Series

These actuators are similar to the Plus Series but use corrosion-resistant components and feature a vacuum port to keep actuator born particulates from entering the work environment. [View Catalog]

Speedy Rail Series

The Speedy Rail Series contains belt or rack & pinion driven actuators built to handle harsh environments at high speed. [View Catalog]

Tecline Series

The Tecline Series contains heavy-duty rack & pinion actuators featuring prismatic rail and profiled rail guidance options. This line is great for large, robust gantry systems. [View Catalog]


Modline Series

The Modline Series contains belt driven fully enclosed units providing guidance options of profiled rail or gothic arch bearing guides. [View Catalog]


Eco Series

The Eco Series contains belt driven units used for less demanding applications. [View Catalog]


Uniline Series

The Uniline Series contains belt driven actuators using ROLLON’s compact rail for guidance rather than profiled rail. They are very economical units that are great for simple applications like opening doors. [View Catalog]

7th Axis

ROLLON’s 7th axis product line is a family of robot transfer units (RTUs). 


These units extend the range of SCARA and 6-axis robots for applications like storage and retrieval, machine tending, palletizing, and tool changes. They can be mounted to the floor, wall, or ceiling in order to fit within space constraints. 

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