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Automative Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing

South Carolina


"A major automotive manufacturer out of SC had a problem. Telescopic slides on their heavy usage carts were consistently failing. As a result, down time was at a peak while they had to place orders and await replacement slides every six weeks. The manufacturer contacted Martin Industrial Technology in search of ROLLON telescopics for a more robust solution, as the carts were used for storing and transporting parts from one end of the assembly line to another, and also interacted with a robot cell.  We chose a ROLLON product more appropriate for the usage, but it was not a drop-in replacement. To move the project forward, we pulled in our network of fabricators to retrofit the current carts, ensuring a successful fit for the ROLLON telescopic slides. 


During the retrofit project, the manufacturer further expressed their dissatisfaction with the current carts as a whole. We contacted the systems integrator responsible for the original system build and coordinated efforts with our fabricators network. New carts with improved functionality and stability were designed, fabricated, and produced for the next robot cell. Following the ROLLON installation, the first replacement order was placed two years after installation. The carts created by Martin Industrial were implemented in 2016 and are still being used today." 

Motion Control

Motion Control

North Carolina


"Martin Industrial Technology has the ability to provide a fully integrated solution through the use of our partner network. This has been proven to be invaluable, particularly for companies taking on their first integration job. In 2019, Martin Industrial Technology was approached by a NC company to assist them in their first motion control project. The job involved spraying adhesive onto a product presented to the system by a conveyor. 

We worked with the customer to collect application data from mechanical, electromechanical, and programming perspectives. Using the collected data, we then utilized our network of suppliers to produce the bill of material for MIT to source, inclusive of linear actuators, gearboxes, servo motors, servo drives, PLC and accessories. Following assembly completion, we brought in the Servo supplier for programming. As with all integration projects, there were unexpected issues and challenges. Communication was key during this time, and MIT took the lead on coordinating efforts and execution between the programmer and the customer. We navigated through each issue and were able to provide a solution to bring resolve to the customer. We were tested by fire and continued to push through, allowing our customer to successfully deliver their first integration job!"


Systems Integrator



"Martin Industrial Technology’s goal is to provide synergistic products and services to our customers. This comprehensive approach has proven to relieve the customer of intangible burdens in dealing with multiple suppliers. Our customers appreciate the in-depth product knowledge we bring to the table, along with our ability to focus on the solution as a whole.

A Moorfeed project in 2019 demonstrates this synergistic approach. Our customer in this case was a systems integrator in Tennessee. Their end user was standardized on Moorfeed’s equipment for parts feeding. While we worked with the integrator to gather application data and answer product questions, we learned the bowls were feeding parts onto a station mounted to a rotary indexer (a very common application). We asked if they would be open to seeing an alternate solution, which they were; the integrator was familiar with Motion Index Drives (MID) and was pleased to see we also represented them.  We then proposed a competitive solution which the customer chose, as it not only provided the high-performance needed, but also better fit the constraints of the project."

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